Mastering Engineer, Shawn Hatfield
Located in the beautiful city of Durango, Colorado, AudibleOddites is a mastering studio founded in 1998 by Shawn Hatfield. Fanatical about the science and emotion of sound, Shawn’s been fully immersed in the music business for over 20 years and has dedicated the last 18 specifically to professional mastering. Over the years, AudibleOddities has grown to be a top destination for musicians of all genres, all over the world.

With thousands of albums worth of experience working for both major and indie labels on nearly every style of music, including spoken word, movies, and games, Shawn has the ear for today’s current trends in mastering, balanced with an understanding of both modern and past technique.

Prior to mastering, Shawn spent his early days forging an illustrious recording career complete with a formidable discography of his own. Under the artist name Twerk, long before it became a euphemism for shaking your ass, Shawn toured the world performing live electronic music with custom designed software at premiere events such as the Sonar Festival in Spain, PS1 in New York, SFMOMA in San Francisco, Transmediale Festival in Berlin, and the Liquid Room in Tokyo. Years of recording and performance gave Shawn deep knowledge in translating music from the studio out into the real world.

These days, you’ll find Shawn working full-time at the mastering console. Never content with just being good at what he does, he works tirelessly in the pursuit of perfection, spending countless hours honing his craft, always in search of ways to refine and enhance his process. For Shawn, mastering isn’t just technical prowess. It’s an unquantifiable blend of emotion and technique. He cares deeply about mastering and sees each and every project as highly important regardless of whether it’s a major artist or someone just starting out. So it’s no surprise he always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is as good as it can possibly be. If you take just a few moments to read some of the testimonials, you’ll realize why so many artists choose Shawn to put that final touch on their music.


AudibleOddities has been featured in Wired, Multilink, Trash_Audio, Resident Advisor, and XLR8R Magazines!