Standard Mastering rates:

• Mastering: $60 Per Song

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This includes:

  • Mastering of songs up to 10 minutes in length.*
  • Unlimited revisions without additional billing.**
  • Downloadable versions of your masters as uncompressed Wave files.
  • Indefinite secure archival of your project.

*Songs longer than 10 minutes are billed at $8 per minute.

**Important Note: Revised mixes that require new mastering settings are billed as a new song. Modified mixes that use the same settings are billed the “alternate version” price.

• Alternate Versions: $30 PER SONG

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This covers any songs you need mastered that we can process using settings from a previous version such as modified mix downs, instrumentals, extended club mixes, radio edits, clean or dirty versions, and vinyl specific masters of a digital release.

If you’re having two sets of masters made, for example, one louder set for Internet and another more dynamic set for vinyl, the additional set is billed at these rates. These can be prepared at any point after the first mastering session.

• Interludes & Short Songs: $30 Per Song

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If you have short songs, intros, outros, or interludes of 1.5 minutes or less, these will be billed a reduced rate.

• Stem Mastering: $120 PER HOUR

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Stem mastering is billed hourly. Most songs take about 45-60 minutes to master but can take considerably longer in some cases.

This is also the hourly studio rate for NI’s “Stems” preparation.



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• Optimized Masters for Streaming Music: $10 PER SONG
Choose this format for streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Optimized for an integrated loudness of -14LUFS.

AudibleOddities is an Apple approved supplier of MFiT masters. These can be prepared separately for a nominal cost, at any point after the mastering session. Delivered as 24bit Wave files.

High resolution MP3’s with embedded metadata that can include song titles, album title, artist name, and artwork.

SoundCloud uses a very unforgiving compression algorithm that can create lots of apparent distortion during playback. If you plan on uploading your masters to SoundCloud, we can prepare a special set of files to ensure you’re getting the highest-fidelity that is distortion free. Delivered as 24bit Wave files.

• DDP & CD-R Masters: $50

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If you plan to release your music on CD, you’ll need a properly assembled and error-checked DDP file set, or Redbook CD-R for the replication facility.

Includes 2 master discs and regular shipping or a DDP file set delivered online. You can order these at any point after the mastering session.

• Vinyl Parts:

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Lacquer cutting per side for 12″ and 10″: $175
Lacquer cutting per side for 7″: $100
Reference Acetates: $100

*Prices do not include shipping.