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Release: Twerk – The Formative Years (1997-1998)

Three tracks taken from a folder of hundreds of unreleased techno I made back in the late 90's. It was before I used computers for music, and back when my studio was an elaborate MIDI and CV network of drum machines, synthesizers, and hardware fx. Everything was mixed live on a Mackie 1604 and recorded to DAT using a Tascam DA-20 MKII.Twerk---The-Formative-Years---Artwork


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Video: From Brown to Green

From Brown to Green from shawn hatfield on Vimeo.

Music by Shawn Hatfield, Video by Scott Pagano

Taken from the album Living Vicariously Through Burnt Bread, Mille Plateaux.

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DJ Mix: Step Up, Circa 1995

I was recently digging through some old DAT tapes, trying to clean up the closets, when I came across an old mix-tape, well.. part of one. Seems the recording is destroyed in sections and I've had to piece a few parts of it back together digitally to keep the corrupted bits out. It was from around 1995, putting this mix at nearly 14 years old. Damn, where does the time go? I figured it would be fun to post since a lot of it was very influential music to me in the early to mid 90's and much of it is from producers that inspired me to start making music for myself. I don't have a track-listing or artwork though Mike Stern of Proper Gander designed the original J-Card that came with the retail product. If anyone has a copy of the art, lemme know. And I suppose I could dig through the vinyls to make the track-list, but perhaps you can help me out with some track id's in the comments section. I'll give you a lead on the first one–it starts off with Neil Landstrumm.

Download: Step Up!

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Video: Octet

Octet from shawn hatfield on Vimeo.

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Interview: Multilink Magazine

Click here to read an interview I did for Multilink Magazine.


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Sometimes a path meanders for so long, it intersects the beginning.

Lion_of_Judah_by_HumildeDesign-212x300I've been a huge fan of dub-techno for more than a decade, yet somehow completely avoided (unintentionally) the creative boat that took many of my musical colleagues on a sonic rastafari. I've just recently decided to explore that trodden path for myself, fully aware that the ground-breaking had done been broke, and my only goal now was to pay tribute to a sound that has inspired me for a long long time. In the coming months I will be producing a series of tracks in this genre for DJ's to hopefully work into their sets. Here's a first offering of where things are headed in my studio for a bit.

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Loudness War: Strategy

Turn_Me_Up_Logo_SmallFinally, an answer to the last decade of squashing the crap out of recordings. Anyone that's opened an audio file in an editor knows that 90% of todays current records look like a solid block of information. It seemed we were on an endless path of sonic desecration but the talented engineers over at Turn Me Up! sat down and strategically came up with a brilliant alternative to flat, lifeless recordings. I urge anyone who makes music to check out what they have to say. Especially the video.

Turn Me Up!

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DJ Mix: Keirin 01

boyKeirin 01: Download

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DJ Mix: Keirin 02


Keirin 02: Download

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New Release: Camomille Music

Camomille Music released an exclusive Twerk song on a 44 track compilation celebrating 6 years, and 100 releases of free music. Features a lot of my favorite artists such as Ilkae, Julien Neto, Vim, Anders Ilar, Sense, Khonnor, and Proswell. It's a free download and includes a lot of great artwork.

I wrote this song back last winter during a particularly rainy week. The song consists of two sections with the first being a heavily processed trip to the D.P.T. to dispute a ticket, and the second being assembled from sounds gathered from microphones just outside my window while it was raining. Using a large plate of glass and a contact microphone, I was able to gather some very dense and complex rain patterns with varying resonances.