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Sometimes a path meanders for so long, it intersects the beginning.

Lion_of_Judah_by_HumildeDesign-212x300I've been a huge fan of dub-techno for more than a decade, yet somehow completely avoided (unintentionally) the creative boat that took many of my musical colleagues on a sonic rastafari. I've just recently decided to explore that trodden path for myself, fully aware that the ground-breaking had done been broke, and my only goal now was to pay tribute to a sound that has inspired me for a long long time. In the coming months I will be producing a series of tracks in this genre for DJ's to hopefully work into their sets. Here's a first offering of where things are headed in my studio for a bit.

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  1. Hey man… Way to be. I’m a big time fan. I am really glad that you are making music again. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but it seems like you fell off the radar there for a while. Your stuff as Twerk is a big influence of mine. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks, Max. Influencing you is more than I ever hoped for by making music. Where can I hear your tunes?

  3. Well… I used to have a website but it collapsed along with the collective I was part of. I went back to school and have been studying electrical engineering so I haven’t had a bunch of time to write music as of late. I would be totally thrilled to have you listen to some of my tracks though. Ha.. you might be like WTF? I inspired THIS!?

    Lemme get back to you on that one.

  4. Looking forward to hearing them!

  5. So yeah, it’s been a while… but I finally got something mixed down and posted on the web. I wrote this back when I was obsessively listening to from brown to green and still discovering house music.

    It’s pretty repetitive, as I am not that great of a song writer, but here you go. Hope you dig it.

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