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Sometimes a path meanders for so long, it intersects the beginning.

Lion_of_Judah_by_HumildeDesign-212x300I've been a huge fan of dub-techno for more than a decade, yet somehow completely avoided (unintentionally) the creative boat that took many of my musical colleagues on a sonic rastafari. I've just recently decided to explore that trodden path for myself, fully aware that the ground-breaking had done been broke, and my only goal now was to pay tribute to a sound that has inspired me for a long long time. In the coming months I will be producing a series of tracks in this genre for DJ's to hopefully work into their sets. Here's a first offering of where things are headed in my studio for a bit.

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DJ Mix: Keirin 01

boyKeirin 01: Download

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DJ Mix: Keirin 02


Keirin 02: Download

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New Release: Camomille Music

Camomille Music released an exclusive Twerk song on a 44 track compilation celebrating 6 years, and 100 releases of free music. Features a lot of my favorite artists such as Ilkae, Julien Neto, Vim, Anders Ilar, Sense, Khonnor, and Proswell. It's a free download and includes a lot of great artwork.

I wrote this song back last winter during a particularly rainy week. The song consists of two sections with the first being a heavily processed trip to the D.P.T. to dispute a ticket, and the second being assembled from sounds gathered from microphones just outside my window while it was raining. Using a large plate of glass and a contact microphone, I was able to gather some very dense and complex rain patterns with varying resonances.