Selected Projects

Here’s an array of a few of the projects that have been mastered at AudibleOddities by Shawn Hatfield. Check our alphabetical list for links to Discogs and for many of the ones not shown here.

TOKiMONSTA – Lune Rouge
[Young Art Records]
Rochelle Jordan
[IAMSIAM] Prod. Machinedrum
Angelica Bess – Sail To The Sun
[IAMSIAM] Prod. Machinedrum
Machinedrum – Human Energy
[Ninja Tune Records]Machinedrum - Human Energy
Amon Tobin – Boxset
[Ninja Tune Records]Amon Tobin - Boxset
Amon Tobin – ISAM
[Ninja Tune Records]Amon Tobin - ISAM
CRi – Someone Else
[Young Art Records]
Monica Dogra – Spit
[Universal Music India]
Machinedrum – Vapor City
[Ninja Tune Records]Machinedrum - Vapor City
Papadosio – Pattern Integrities
[Self Released]Pattern Integrities EP - Papadosio
Alessandro Cortini – SPIE
[Make Noise Records]mnr007_cover
Amon Tobin – Dark Jovian
[Ninja Tune]Amon Tobin - Dark Jovian
Eskmo – Sol
[Apollo Records]ESKMO+-+SOL+-+Cover+Art
Machinedrum – Moving Forward
[DJ Rashad Tribute]
IZA – PAINKILLER feat. Soopafly and The Airplane Boys
IZA - Painkiller
Machinedrum Vapor City Archives
[Ninja Tune Records]Machinedrum - Vapor City Archives
Anna of the North – Sway
[Honeymoon]Anna of the North - Sway
Two Fingers – Stunt Rhythms
[Big Dada Records]Two Fingers - Stunt Rhythms
ESKMO – Self Titled
[Ninja Tune Records]ESKMO - Self Titled
Eskmo – Terra
Kalya Scintilla Open Ancient Eyes
[Merkaba Music]
Soulacybin – Alien, Baby
[Merkaba Music]
Numatik – Intangible
[Merkaba Music]
DJMREX (Cyrusrex & DJM) – EP1
[Fold Press]ep1mrex
Nate Connelly – A Dream About Being Lost [Blind Colour]
Evy Jane – Self Titled
[King Deluxe Records]EvyJane
Evy Jane – Closer
[Ninja Tune Records]5021392900193
Johnnyrandom – Bespoken
Bluetech – Space Hop Chonicles Vol. 1
Bluetech Spacehop
Surachai – To No Avail
[Trash Audio]Surachai - To No Avail
Surachai – Instinct And Memory
[Trash Audio]
Surachai – Heavy Mask
[Trash Audio]
Alessandro Cortini – ACMN 1 & 2
[Make Noise Records]Alessandro Cortini
Kilowatts – Seven Succulents
[KiloWatts Music]Kilowatts ‎– Seven Succulents
Cex ‎– Shamaneater
[Automation Records]Cex ‎– Shamaneater
Invisible Allies
[Aleph Zero]Invisible Allies - Conversation with Bees
Madboy/Mink – All Ball
Bluetech – Basement Dubs EP
Panzer Dragoon – OST
[Data Discs]
Shenmue – OST
[Data Discs]
KiloWatts- Acceptitude
[KiloWatts Music]Front_Cover-676
Don Peris – The Old Century
[Jemez Mountain Records]Don Peris - The Old Century
Karen Peris – Violet
[Innocence Mission]Print
Iza Lach – Krzyk
[Emi Records]Iza Lach - Krzyk
Papadosio – Extras In A Movie
[Self Released]EIAM
Daniel Lofredo Rota – Untide
[Somehow Recordings]a4179100522_10
Nate Connelly – Rigor Mortis OST
[Movie Soundtrack]
Aysedeniz – Nirvana Project
[Self Released]
Madboy/Mink – Union Farm
[Self Released]
Bluetech – The White Horse
[Self Released]
Blood of Heroes (Dr. Israel)
[Ohm Resistance]Blood of Heroes
Eskmo – Language
Richard Devine – Creature
[Make Noise Music]
Orbital Trains & Passenger Planes
VA – Outliers Iceland Vol.1
[Outliers]Outliers Iceland Vol. 1
Air Texture Vol.2
[Air Texture]Air Texture Vol. 2
Welder (ESKMO) – Florescence
[Ancestor Media]Welder (ESKMO) - Florescence
Dave Aju – Heirlooms
[Circus Company]Dave Aju - Heirlooms
Evy Jane – Sayso
[King Deluxe]evy jane sayso
Merzbow & Balázs Pándi – Ducks: Live in NYC
Merzbow & Balázs Pándi - Ducks: Live in NYC
Shakira – Rabiosa Remixes
[Sony Records]Shakira - Rabiosa Remixes
Mike Taylor – From The Stars
[Epic Records] Mike Taylor - From The Stars
Massive Chalice – OST
[Double Fine Productions]
Oh Land Remixes – Max Tundra, Ian Pooley [Epic Records]Oh Land Remixes - Max Tundra, Ian Pooley
Natasha Bedingfield – Touch Remixes [Epic Records]Natasha Bedingfield - Touch Remixes
Eskmo – Cloudlight
[Ninja Tune] Eskmo - Cloudlight
Scorn – Yozza
[Ohm Resistance]Scorn - Yozza
Blood of Heroes feat. Bill Laswell, Dr. Israel [Ohm Resistance]
Blood of Heroes feat. Bill Laswell, Dr. Israel
Scorn – Refuse;Start Fires
[Ohm Resistance]Scorn - Refuse;Start Fires
Ian Pooley, Black Van, Heavy Feet [Plant Music]The Glass - Four Four Letter Remixes
Sutekh – On Bach
[Creaked Records]Sutekh - On Bach
The Innocence Mission
[Badman Recording Co.]
Don Peris
[Badman Recording Co.]
The Innocence Mission
[Badman Recording Co.]
Balkansky – The Temple feat. Scorn, Enduser, Nyree, XephaBalkansky - The Temple feat. Scorn, Enduser, Nyree, Xepha
Eli Escobar – Love Thing Remixes
[Plant Music]
Eli Escobar - Love Thing Remixes
Isaac Haile Selassie feat. Jack Dangers, Ruoho RuotsiIsaac Haile Selassie feat. Jack Dangers, Ruoho Ruotsi
Submerged – Before Fire I Was… [Ohm Resistance]Submerged Before Fire I Was Against Other People
Z-Man – Show Up Shut Up And Rap [Machete Vox]Z-Man - Show Up Shut Up And Rap
High Priest – Born Identity [Sound Ink]High Priest - Born Identity
Dj Rupture – Uproot
[Agriculture]Dj Rupture - Uproot
Eskamon – Fine Objects : Amon Tobin + Eskmo [Ancestor]Eskamon - Fine Objects : Amon Tobin + Eskmo
Noam Chomsky – The Emerging Framework of World PowerNoam Chomsky - The Emerging Framework of World Power
CEX – Actual Fucking [Automation Records]CEX - Actual Fucking
Modwheelmood – Enemies and ImmigrantsModwheelmood - Enemies and Immigrants
Dave Aju – Open Wide
[Circus Company]Dave Aju - Open Wide
Emanuele Errante – Humus [Somnia]Emanuele Errante - Humus
Simon Bookish – Unfair/Funfair [Use Your Teeth]Simon Bookish - Unfair/Funfair
Simon Bookish – Trainwreck / Raincheck
Simon Bookish - Trainwreck / Raincheck
Kilowatts – Routes [Artificial Music Machine]Kilowatts - Routes
le messie – le messie’s candy []le messie - le messie's candy
Eskmo – Hypercolor
[Ancestor]Eskmo - Hypercolor
Melamin – Wicked Sway
[Ohm Resistance]Melamin - Wicked Sway
Joanna Syze – Rodina
[Ohm Resistance]Joanna Syze - Rodina
Arts The Beatdoctor – Lazy Thunder EP
Ilkae – Bring Extra Dragons [M3rck Records]Ilkae - Bring Extra Dragons
Adam Johnson – Chigliak
[M3rck Records]Adam Johnson - Chigliak
Mr Projectile – Sinking
[M3rck Records]Mr Projectile - Sinking
Helios – Unomia
[M3rck Records]Helios - Unomia
Landau – Thepicompromise
[M3rck Records]Landau - Thepicompromise
Juxta Phona & offthesky – !Escape Kit! [Somnia]Juxta Phona & offthesky - !Escape Kit!
Deceptikon – Lost Subject
[M3rck Records]Deceptikon - Lost Subject
Tiki Obmar – Seasons
[M3rck Records]Tiki Obmar - Seasons
Lateduster – Easy Pieces
[M3rck Records]Lateduster - Easy Pieces
Machinedrum – Bidnezz
[M3rck Records]Machinedrum - Bidnezz
n.ln – Astronomy For Children [Highpoint Lowlife]n.ln - Astronomy for children
Mutamassik – Definitive Works
[Sound-Ink]Mutamassik - Definitive Works
Nautilis – Breakspiracy Theories [M3rck Records]Nautilis - Breakspiracy Theories
Proem – Unravel and Debone 2×7″ [M3rck Records]Proem - Unravel and Debone
Epstein – Gente sin Pueblo [Botanica Del Jibaro]Epstein - Gente sin Pueblo
Malcom Kipe – Lit
[M3rck Records]Malcom Kipe - Lit
Fax – Primario
[Static Discos]Fax - Primario
Brian McBride – When The Detail… [Kranky]Brian McBride - When the Detail Lost Its Freedom
CX Kidtronik – Krak Attack
[Sound Ink]CX Kidtronik - Krak Attack
Strategy – Future Rock
[Kranky]Strategy - Future Rock
Cex – Sketchi
[Temporary Residence]Cex - Sketchi
Deceptikon – Greater Cascadia
[M3rck Records]Deceptikon - Greater Cascadia
Sawako – Madoromi
[Anticipate Recordings]Sawako - Madoromi
Debilorithmicos – Dimarts I Dijous [Pulpa]Debilorithmicos - Dimarts I Dijous
Carnifull Trio – Welldonia [Riotmaker]Carnifull Trio - Welldonia
Amari – Grand Master Mogol [Riotmaker]Amari - Grand Master Mogol
Klimek – Dedications
[Anticipate Recordings]Klimek - Dedications
Mossa – Some Eat It Raw
[Circus Company]Mossa - Some Eat It Raw
Bluetech – Phoenix Rising
[Somnia]Bluetech - Phoenix Rising
Motionfield – Optical Flow
[Somnia]Motionfield - Optical Flow
Strand – Al-djaber
[Pueblo Records]Strand - Al-djaber
Strand and Tres – Compact & Disperse EP [Pulpa]Strand and Tres - Compact & Disperse EP
Ezekiel Honig – Surfaces Of…
[Anticipate Recordings]Ezekiel Honig - Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band
Logreybeam – It’s All Just Another Aspect of MannerismLogreybeam - It's All Just Another Aspect of Mannerism
Logreybeam – Perhaps
[Les Enregistrements Variables]Logreybeam - Perhaps
Gasp – If Only The Cold…
[Buried In Time]Gasp - If Only the Cold Morning Was Warm As Us By Night
Krusseldorf – From Soil to Space
[Aleph Zero]Krusseldorf - From Soil to Space
Seapora – Cross the Line (Remixes)
Seapora - Cross the Line
Balkansky – Orenda
[Self Released]
Leadsmen – Arctic
[Beats Broke]
Sound Of Science – Pain
[Self Released]