Hey Shawn,

I listened… and I had tears in my eyes.

Scott Tyburski

I released an album earlier this year, and after listening to it with some distance I was like eh I wanna fix this, so I did, and I made the incredibly wise decision to ask AudibleOddities to master it, and I am SO floored by his work! His ability to listen and interpret, then assist in the expression of my ideas is truly beyond reproach, his skill set is invaluable. If you want the presentation of your work amplified by a mastering engineer with a truly creative touch, he’s yer boy.

Adam Lastiwka, Film/TV Composer - Travelers, Body of Lies, The Expanse

I’ve worked with Shawn for a string of releases including my full length album released on Ninja Tune and my collaboration with Amon Tobin. Each time he has been patient, flexible and open to hearing my thoughts in getting the best master possible. Beyond that, he’s hit the nail on the head every time at a truly affordable rate. Thumbs up.

Eskmo, Ninja Tune / Showtime

Skilled, professional and keeps going until it’s right. Listens to the mix, and to what you want. What more could you ask for?

Amon Tobin, Ninja Tune

Shawn, you make my music work.  I think it’s ok, but doubt what I am doing, until I hear your masters, then it all makes sense.

Evan Bartholomew, Bluetech, Evan Marc

I gotta tell you that the mastering was the most I’ve ever been psyched about post-production in my ENTIRE life.  I am amazed at what had happened to the tracks after you got done with them! Thank you so much for working on them.

CEX, Tigerbeat6

The tracks sound great, friends were bugging out in the car. Being able to hear your explanations raised the bar, for my personal standards of mixing, but also with regards to refreshing my interest in understanding the architecture of sound and the sonics of music in general. Deeply thankful for your energy, as well as for your interest in helping me bring out the best in what I have.

Zach Thorup

As a label owner with an extremely diverse roster of artists, from Scorn to Merzbow to The Blood of Heroes, I am privileged knowing that our projects are always in the best hands with Shawn at AudibleOddities. He’s able to deliver on all sounds from dubstep to drum n bass to noise to rock; Shawn has the full palette and you know you are getting back top sound quality from an impartial second set of ears. When you do a project with AudibleOddities, you get to work with a very keen listener, an incredibly fair pricing scheme, and a personable, professional mastering engineer! No way to lose!

Kurt Gluck, Submerged / Ohm Resistance

The incredible thing about working with Shawn is how well he gets what I’m doing with the sound, applying just the right touch of musicality that brings out details and subtleties my ear can’t necessarily find while improvising. And that’s exactly what you want in a mastering engineer: someone with enough of an objective view but still close enough to the art that you can completely trust their judgement, where the work becomes more of a collaboration than a procedure, and ultimately the music speaks for it.

Matt Davis

Twerk is like my papa kangaroo … I just hop in2 his pocket + go cuz I know everythin’ will b perrrrrrrrrfect! like the most precise swiss-made watch …. the quality of his work coupled with his integrity is like no other!

Coppe’, Mango Sweet Rice

Working with Shawn for mastering is always a pleasure. He consistently delivers a great job, with a deft ear for bringing out the warmest sound, and enhancing the source material no matter whether it was a bedroom recorded ukulele or field recordings from Mars. I find his eagerness to work with and have a dialogue with every one of our artists regarding the process very refreshing, and he is completely flexible in incorporating any feedback they might have. A true professional.

Thorsten Sideboard, Highpoint Lowlife Records

The test to end all tests for a mastering engineer is remix album projects. Lots of different mixes from different producers and the goal is to make them all sound cohesive together. I’ve been a producer and engineer for well over a decade and I cringe at the thought of having to take on this task. Shawn at AudibleOddities not only mastered my remix album to perfection, but did so with a level of expertise that blew me and my speakers away.

Lawrence Stone, VTG Music

AudibleOddities has consistently done an outstanding job mastering a wide range of my projects, from cinematic ambient tracks to heavy bass music. I’ve been working with Shawn for many years and I greatly appreciate his hardcore attention to sonic detail, his ability to deliver on a deadline, and his willingness to make unlimited changes for the same fee. He usually nails it on the first try, but sometimes a project requires hearing a few variations before you know which direction works best. The fact that this service is included in the incredibly reasonable base price for analog mastering is amazing. I’ve referred many students and clients to AudibleOddities and every single one of them has raved about the quality of the service. All of my releases sound better because of AudibleOddities, they never disappoint.

Steve Nalepa

Hi Shawn, I got the 3 tracks. Great work mate! Honestly, amazing stuff. I feel you really understood the tracks and gelled them in a really nice way. The finished product is great.

Jamie Charles, Liquid Soul Recordings

Oh my god Shawn, you’re the best! It sounds great! It’s the loudest and clearest I’ve been able to hear my stuff. Of course I’m always wanting to improve the mix on my end, but shoot! You’ve done such a fantastic job, I’m so happy right now.

Terabyte & The Battery Eaters

I wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the masters you did on the 4 originals for this release.  Now that I’ve had plenty of time to really hear them on a variety of sound systems and mediums I have to say that you did a really excellent job with these.  They’re very warm, rich, and sound great on every system I’ve had the chance to play them on.  I can honestly say that they have tended to sound better during sound checks and performances than almost anything else I have access to.  Really fantastic job.  I’m definitely recommending you to all of my friends.

Peter Farr

Shawn, I don’t think I emphasized how grateful I am for your work. It really took the sound to another level. I appreciate it immensely and have nothing but respect for your skill, and the craft with which you execute it. Thank you so much.

Daniel Lofredo Rota

I really appreciate your work. After listening to all of my masters from different mastering engineers, you are by far the guy who takes my music where I want it to be. Thank you for this.

Deptronic (Nick de Porcel)

WOW!! It sounds so amazing! We are literally speechless. I’m not sure what wizard magic you pulled out but it sounds like we always wanted it to. Everything is sitting so perfectly and in its place. We can’t thank you enough for being so patient with us during this process.

Yari Bundy (Kyn)

So let me say right out of the gate, the general consensus is that we are just blown away at how much better the album sounds. You have an incredible ear for EQ, and overall you really helped to bring out the detail that we thought we had lost as we struggled to mix the album. Most tracks had 30+ channels of audio to mix, and to be able to hear them all again is just wonderful. You brought back so much life to the music and we just love it.

Yay, Spaceships!

Hey Shawn, your mastering is a glorious work of art! I thought it sounded absolutely perfect – frequencies, bass, loudness, clarity, punch – yeah, everything!