While it is undoubtedly the ears and experience that remain the most valuable asset of any mastering studio, the monitoring, acoustics, and equipment play a significant role in the quality of your finished product. At AudibleOddites, we use world-class equipment in every category, from our prized hand-built loudspeakers and top of the line amps, mastering console, convertors, and customized EQ’s and compressors, all the way down to our custom soldered cables and gold-plated interconnects. And since there’s no point in mastering in a room that isn’t accurate, we’ve rigorously tailored the room acoustics for an accurate listening experience enabling us to make informed critical decisions that helps maximize consistent translation between various playback systems, whether it be your iPod, a home hi-fi system, or a club filled with 15,000 people.

We’re big lovers of analog processing and we’re equipped with some incredible pieces of custom analog gear for that extra harmonic warmth and richness that only real tubes, op amps, and transformers can impart. We use customized gear from Maselec, Knif, Manley, Buzz Audio, API, Foote Control Systems, Crane Song, Dangerous Music, Dave Hill Designs, Sonic Farm, Hendyamps, Black Box Designs, and more. But just because we love good ol’ fashioned analog doesn’t mean we don’t also value the transparency and accuracy of today’s modern plug-ins. At AudibleOddities, understanding the synergetic effect of combining both worlds, we’re able to achieve a result far greater than either system on its own. Our mastering chain has been painstakingly designed over many years to provide both clean and colorful results.

Have a look below at some of the amazing equipment we use.


Hand-built Tyler Acoustics Decade D1’s with custom crossovers by Danny Richie
Hypex UcD400HG+HxR Monoblock Amplifiers
Audeze LCD-4z Planar Magnetic Headphones

Mastering Transfer Console:

Maselec MTC-1X
Dangerous Liaison


Crane Song HEDD 192
Crane Song Solaris
Benchmark DAC1
Weiss AFI1


Knif Vari-Mu II
Foote Control Systems P3S Class-A Mastering Edition (Custom)


Buzz REQ 2.2 ME (Custom)
Hendyamps Michelangelo (Custom)
Langevin Mini Massive
Dangerous Music Bax EQ
API 5500


Sonic Farm Creamliner II
Black Box Analog Designs HG-2


Grimm TPR